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61st Annual Assembly

Assembly 2018

Companions at the Crossroads :
Building community in a world divided

Long Beach, California

August 31 - September 3, 2018


Al & RickWith this event we are "checking in" two years after our second Companion event. The program will be very much like that 2016 Assembly with the focus on sharing our "hidden gifts" - the perceptions or challenges we face in uncertain times.

This time we are in calls on us for a new level of maturity in all our decisions and efforts. Those of you who have been “in the work” for some time know the ability of Translation® to turn a problem into a gateway to freedom and power. More than ever, ours is a time of opportunity to mentor our at-risk society through the transcendence demanded by the world we’ve created. Maybe never before have we been forced to understand at the heart / mind level the admonition “evolve or perish”.

This experience is designed to explore the next steps in your personal journey, in the context of a transpersonal purpose : "To make Spiritual Truth an effective force for ordered freedom and common good."


Catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

The Prosperos community is unique - people from all walks of life with many talents and many occupations. What unites them is the understanding that a world of fulfillment and joy is available, ever-present, when we stop judging by appearances and release ourselves to greater freedom. Everyone here is making a journey from sense to soul and, far from being all gooey-eyed about it, most of them are laughing their way along. Once you get a taste for this radical shift in consciousness there's no going back.


Learn from peers with skilled Mentors at hand

In addition to top-flight material we hope to spark great conversations and sharing with a series of break-out group sessions that will allow in-depth work on real issues that we bring to our group.


Discover deep sources of inspiration and re-invigoration

Ontology goes deep and high. You meet it regularly in your daily life but often it goes unrecognized and unrealized. Here we provide the means for you to create inspiration for yourself every day by "greeting the adversary" and drawing forth the "hidden splendour" of your reality Self. It begins with listening, supporting, and sharing in a multi-faceted group setting.

During this event we will create an environment where you will have the opportunity to experience your reality Self face-to-face.

Introduction from Al Haferkamp and Heather Williams

Heather Williams  Al Haferkamp, H.W., M.

See the introductory video by Al & Heather



Dedicated sessions will be presented by :

Al Haferkamp, Dean, veteran Prosperos instructor and counselor. Al has served on the Board of Trustees and as President of the Prosperos before being elected Dean in 2009. In addition to his ontological studies he is a highly qualified instructor of Qi Gung.

Anne Bollman, H.W., M., trustee and Mentor. Anne's exploration of the astrological Survival Dynamics helps students to identify their personal trends and challenges.

Richard Hartnett, H.W., M., long-time Prosperos instructor and a nationally known psychic. Richard uses his knowledge of symbols found in ancient cultures such as Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and Native American cultures to show the inner play of conscious and unconscious factors still at work as drivers in our life today.

Heather Williams H.W., M., artist, Mentor, and Prosperos instructor. Heather has been working the The Prosperos' signature methodologies since 1970. She has brought this perspective to her work and teaching of art and is presently working with at-risk children in the San Diego public school system.

Group Facilitators

Break-out groups will be aided by experienced facilitators.


westin long beach interiorWe will be using the Westin Long Beach hotel, which offers a lovely setting and proximity to some fine Southern California sights.

It will be an unforgettable weekend with the comradery of old and new friends, working with noted mentors and teachers. We have people coming from the East, the Mid-West and West Coast, and Hawaii.

"I’d say, 'It is a weekend to learn how to effectively use your emotional intelligence, by finding out how you bank and spend emotional currency within your world. An experience with immersive information to change the spectrums of your life stories from anger, hopelessness, pain, torment, and separation to a give-for of insights, wholeness, Love, & laughter'."
- Calvin Harris

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