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Calvin Harris, H.W., M.

Helps individuals to discover the wholeness hidden behind life experiences using the core disciplines of Translation® and Releasing the Hidden Splendour™

Calvin Harris, H.W., M.Calvin Harris is a Mentor in the Prosperos; he has engaged in The Prosperos' core class methodologies for over four decades. He has integrated this perspective into his work with individuals and community.

Translation® and Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ (RHS) are the core classes that represent the foundation of The Prosperos teachings. They are dynamic processes that, when used regularly, are life changing. The Prosperos classes are presented in a teaching style that originates from the ancient Oral Tradition. The classes are designed to open you up to that which is “Back and behind the universe of time, space and change, a fundamental reality that is whole, complete and perfect.”  The classes offer tools for reaching change, a change in consciousness, not a change in “things”.  When you think about it a “thing” is just a thought in your consciousness, thus if there is to be a change, it must be in consciousness first. You can come to realize your ability to be the change maker, a transformative force for good.

Calvin Harris works with individuals to help them discover their behavioral patterns. As these patterns become known through the process of self examination, and the therapeutic practices of Translation and RHS, a greater understanding develops of the subconscious programming at work, and the powerful mental software that runs our life is revealed and changed. It is the time and effort spent in a process like Translation and RHS that gives life new expressions and meaning that will allow for a different experience of a lifetime.

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