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The Power of Truth

Posted by Ben Gilberti at Feb 05, 2015 02:25 PM |

The following is a glimpse of the Power of Truth that is brought to bear on our experience through The Prosperos' Class Translation. The actual process of Translation is far more powerful and specific than the glimpse provided in what follows:

The Truth is that Truth is all there is. There simply is nothing else.  The appearance of anything else (like pain, distress, disease, misfortune, poverty, crime, war, hatred, fear, etc.) is nothing but the mesmerism that grows out of the mistaken belief that something else besides Truth could exist.  The miracles of Jesus Christ, or the miraculous healings of modern day mystics, occur by deliberately knowing the Truth right in the midst of the mesmerisms caused by the beliefs in something other than Truth.

This is not easy to do because we are so surrounded by the mesmerism.  It is necessary that we learn to become very still so that the self-evident certainty that Truth is all there is can emerge.

The principle can be summarized quite clearly and simply.  Anything other than that which is, is not.  And hence that which is, is all there is, because all else is not.  And since that which is is all there is, it is therefore entire, total, complete, whole, one, harmonious, perfect, absolute, infinite and eternal.  And since Truth is all there is, there cannot be anything at all that is less than, or other than, or opposed to Truth.  And since  awareness necessarily must exist in order for you to know this, then awareness, the pure “I,” must be Truth.

But even though the logic of it is simple, clear and certain, the sheer magnitude of its implications require that we become aware of a highly intimate inner knowing that we can discover only in silent contemplation.  Indeed if Truth is all there is, all that “I” can be is Truth.  But we must become still enough to know this to be true in the most intimate way imaginable, to sink in meditation past all the pandemonious mesmerisms about ourselves until we arrive at that absolute center of consciousness where “I” and Truth (the sole reality that is all there is) are one and the same.

Do it now.  Close your eyes.  Become still and quietly know that Truth is all there is and all there ever can be, and then become completely silent so that you can know this at a depth deeper than words or thoughts.  

Even though the universal mesmerism that creates the vast dream of humanity may linger, your effect within that dream can be to catalyze, through the inspiration of what your life in the dream will become, the desire and ability to awaken on the part of those aspects of yourself who, in the dream, still appear to be “others.”  You will be an effective agent in the symphonic rising crescendo of the Great Awakening wherein all of humanity, and all consciousness everywhere, will let go of all illusions and realize and experience all the universe as the one infinite consciousness you now only dimly refer to as Truth.

And so layer by layer you let go of every sense of selfhood that falls short of Truth’s nature while at the same time becoming more and more clearly aware that Truth’s nature is all you possibly can be.  The spiritualized intellect thus leads you, like Moses, to the brink of the promised land, and, like Moses, must stay behind as you take the final step of realizing that the absolute center of your consciousness, the I of you before it forms itself into “I am this particular human being,” the pure I as awareness itself rather than any form, concept or perception that awareness may at any time be aware of, that absolutely pure center of your consciousness, is nothing less than Truth, appearing to be much less than that only to the extent you insist that “I am limited, human, isolated, vulnerable, etc.”

Evermore do you more clearly realize that this one Truth that can be the only reality anywhere, this one Truth that is entire, total complete, perfect, absolute and infinite, is the “I” of you before your erroneous beliefs distract you from the Truth.  As you let go of the erroneous beliefs, less and less do they distract you, and as the distractions subside, in the stillness they leave behind, you discover the “I” you always have been and always will be, the “I” that is, like Melchizedec, “without mother, without father, without beginning or end of days,” the I of you that says to the cacophony of your distractions, “Be Still, and Know that I am God,”  the I of you that says “I and the Father are one.”