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Posted by Heather C. Williams at Oct 03, 2017 07:32 PM |

We must awaken from the illusion of separateness. The word "illusion" comes from the Latin - "illusio" which means - a mocking, jesting, jeering, irony. It means, literally "to play with".


Let's PLAY with the illusion

Today people are struggling to pay bills, to find jobs and housing, to make sense of the political policy decisions that affect every person but are based upon questionable premises. We are polarized. In some ways humans have always been polarized and this is a real expression of our human collective consciousness. But today we have even greater concerns. We are a bit more aware of our technological advancements (computers, cell phones, drones, electric cars, etc.) and our technologically advanced weaponry (nuclear bombs, stealth combat aircraft, electro-magnetic rail guns and more). We do know that we are able to cause our total extinction!

The ancient teachings taught that all suffering comes from ignorance of the Nature of Reality. When a person is ignorant of the Nature of Reality, he or she becomes easily poisoned by greed (needing to acquire more) and hatred (thinking others want your stuff). We are living in the era of Trump and Kim Jong un - both saber rattling with nuclear weapons. We must WAKE UP from our ignorance of the Nature of Reality. We each must become more consciously aware that we are part of the COSMIC INTENTION. What is this? Agatha Christie says, "There is a brave new world, but only for special people - the lucky ones...the ones who carry the making of that world within them."

The COSMIC INTENTION is simply you becoming all that you can become! You were born with a creative seed deep within you. All seeds need just 4 ingredients to grow and blossom. The 4 ingredients are: Sunshine, nutritious soil, air and water. The creative seed within you develops naturally as you add these ingredients to your life:  Sunshine = Love; nutritious soil = critical and creative thinking; air = relax and breathe every once in awhile; water = practice expressing the artist in your Heart. What kind of artist are you? (Dancer, singer, composer, weaver, pianist, writer, painter, sculptor, poet?) 

The Prosperos School of Ontology offers a class called COSMIC INTENTION THERAPY. In this class you will learn more about the illusion that we all must learn how PLAY with today:  The false belief that we each are separate, material forms living in a material, physical world full of things separate from us. We must be skeptical and curious and we must question this illusion. We need to understand that Consciousness (at the cellular level of DNA) rules us until we learn HOW to focus our Consciousness on the Truth of the Nature of Reality. As you add the 4 ingredients to your life (Love, think critically and creatively, relax and breathe, daily practice your art for 15 minutes) -  soon you will begin to feel a vibrant, purpose-filled, real connection with everything. You will begin to break with patterns of the past and realize the great vision of the Cosmic Intention.

I will be offering the Prosperos class Cosmic Intention Therapy online in February 2018. I have been a High Watch Mentor in The Prosperos School of Ontology since 1978. Drawing is my creative seed. Stay tuned! Check out my Artist's Story: