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Spring Moonwobble 2016 March 11

Moonwobble Weather Patterns at The White House
Spring Moonwobble 2016 March 11

MoonWobble 2016 March 11 at The White House

Feb 26Mar 4Mar 11Mar 14Mar 18
Weak Critical Peak Dissipa tion
Build Up Release In tegration


Our collective Moon Wobble begins a new Virgo/Pisces Nodal Axis. This Initial Degree offers a preview of this Eighteen Month Axis. Thane referred to this liminal space, as a disorienting place of transition, waiting and not knowing vacuum. Moonwobbles are always potent archetypal gifts to identify experiential and existential tension. As Translators and Ontologists, our purpose is to transcend the three-dimensional mind, the shadowy side of problems. System, Method, Order are the Ontological watch words in approaching sense testimony. Use this jolt of joy wisely for accelerated evolution, participation in Cosmic Intention, and transcendence of the endless lunar cycle.

Thane Walker originally coined the term "Moon Wobble" (Tobey, 1935) to help his old friend and colleague Carl Payne Tobey. Tobey was a well known astrologer, who saw astrology as a branch of mathematics. Tobey's was also an actuarial statistician, who combined astrology and mathematics to identified regularly occurring periods of time with a greater risk of accidents. Tobey's research revealed that when the Sun is Conjunct the North or South Lunar Nodes, or Square the Lunar Node Axis there is a higher probability of accidents. Each MoonWobble undulate as articulated by Tobey runs about 21 days in duration (using a 0 degree Aspect Orb as Standard Deviation for Conjunctions and 3 degree Aspect Orb for Squares), four times per year.

Recently I have learned that some are using a more literal, astronomical version of Moon Wobble, which is the Moon's libration. Lunar libration reveals 59% of the moon's surface, while you see only 50% of the lunar disk. Thus lunar libration enables acute observers to peek at a tiny portion of the moon's back side. Libration in longitude is the Moon's east-west wobble. Libration in latitude is the Moon's north-south nodding. Maximum librations are seen about one week after perigee and one week after apogee. Tobey's actuarial risk tabulations are further explained by astrologer Richard Nolle who found what he calls a SuperMoon, SuperMoon occurs when the Full Moon or New Moon is closest to the Earth, that there is greater risk of accident during this period.

Thane taught an ontological meditation wherein the Sun symbolizes the essential self ("figuratively speaking") and the Moon reflects an endlessly changing principle. An endlessly cycling wheel of fortune of temporal, mortal flesh, birth, fruition and decay. The Moon goes out into the lifeworld and soaks up its little taste of experience, then offers this chunk of sense testimony to the Sun for processing. The Moon has an orbit that makes it a 'mirror of time.' The nodal axis crystallizes the relationship between Sun and Moon to reflect that sphere of life in which the coniunctio - the inner blending of the two principles - is most likely to manifest (Greene, 1992). An androgynous coitus between a changing, receptive principle and a constant, radiant principle. Remember, if you are not Translating, then you are food for the Moon (Gurdjieff, 1976).

Whenever you have time, you have duality, birth and death. The Moon represents that power of consciousness and life in the field of time and space, where it puts on bodies and puts them off. This Lunar principle is that of life engaged in the field of time and space. The Sun, on the other hand, is never shadows except in eclipse, and so does not carry its death within it; thus it represents consciousness disengaged from the field of time and space.

The great mythic realization that the Lunar and Solar principles, seemingly dual aspects of consciousness, are in fact, one consciousness. Your consciousness. Here in the field of life, is at the same time, consciousness disengaged from this field. The paradox of relating oneself to these two aspects of one's own true being and entity is the great mystical balancing act. Our being incorporates both aspects - the solar and the lunar - allowing us to navigate this razor's edge (Campbell, 2013, pp. 47-52).

The MoonWobble represents a cyclic process with stages of buildup, release and integration. The MoonWobble undulate starts building up energy some 14 days (February 26) before the peak (some say as many as 28 days [February 13] ) as personal irritability is evident, entering a critical period some 7 days (March 4) before the peak to a maximum build-up (March 11). Allow the release of energy letting up a few days after the peak (March 14). The affect is gradually integrated over 7 days after the peak (March 18).

Sun in Pisces (traditionally ruled by Jupiter) is Conjunct the South Node and in Opposition to North Node in Virgo (which is traditionally ruled by the Mercury.

While all signs are affected, those with planets or indicators in Aries and Libra will be most strongly influenced. Remember that everyone has at least Houses of Virgo (Social Survival Dynamic Container - Earth - Past, Traditional Ruler - Mercury, Contemporary Ruler - Chiron or Vulcan), and Pisces (Social Survival Dynamic - Water - Past, Traditional Ruler - Jupiter, Contemporary Ruler - Neptune). Both Mutable Signs.  Both rule Cadent Houses.  Earth, Water.  Viewing the Nodes through the lens of the Totality Field, we might view the North Node as an intentional expansion of consciousness into known territory, the C-Field. The South Node is then an unintentional expansion of consciousness into unknown terrain, an A-Field.

The 21st degree North Lunar Node in Virgo is represented by a female basketball team.  Physical wholesomeness as preludge to inner integration.  Somatic wellbeing.  Self-evaluation, or refusal to face self.  The rhythm of instincts.  Keynote, Group Integration, somatic training as a means to inculcate the feeling of participation within a collective culture.  Symbolically, the ball is ego-consciousness which must be driven upward into a focal point or circle that is ready to receive it.  Yet what must be emphasized is not the competitive character of the game, but the formation of a group acting as an organic whole and the training to operate in a social context.  A type of consciousness more specifically receptive to collective forces.  Feminine principle of receptiveness.

The 21st degree South Lunar Node in Pisces is represented by Chinese servant watching a girl caressing a white lamb.  Eager probing of the soul into its many potentialities and higher reaches.  Self-expansion: or refusal to grow in Spirit.  Keynote, growth in consciousness in its earliest tactile awareness of the wonders of unsophisticated living.  Chinese in emphasis of the biological factors of family and ancestors (filial piety), and the holistic interplay of Yin and Yang.  The past as a servant of the new evolution.  A white lamb suggests the sign of all beginnings, Aries.  This new evolution is just about to begin during the late Pisces phase of the year cycle.  As yet an ideal, a pristine, white loveliness.  A bringing together of past and future, and overlapping of levels.  A vision of white hope, a hope for a future that can only be felt, almost naively.

The Virgo / Pisces nodal axis is the axis of social responsibility, and is determined to break new paths and enrich society with new values. The universal cycles of darkness and death, decay and growth, Fall and Spring.

Additional shock windows - New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8 and the Full Moon and Penumbra Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23.



New Moon in Pisces, March 8

Total Solar Eclipse, March 8

Daylight Savings Time, March 13

Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries, March 19

Full Moon in Libra, March 23

Penumbra Lunar Eclipse, March 23

 Make it work for you

While the MoonWobble Report may be technically helpful, there is no substitute for doing your own interpretations if you are to experience the undulate. If you need to learn how to perform astrological or symbolic interpretations, please contact The Prosperos. The Prosperos teaches how to think, never what to think. For that reason, do not simply read someone's report like a newspaper horoscope. Please do your own archetypal interpretations and your own Translations. Look at how these nodal transits aspect your own chart. The lunar nodes are the guideposts of your ontological journey. Where do the current Nodes and Planets fall on your natal chart? Do the Nodes and Planets make any major (opposition or conjunction) aspects to natal planets? What do these Nodes and Planets intuitively signify to you?

Use the Nodes in the context of the Moonwobble cycle as a spotlight to Self-Encounter any tension at that moment in time of your chart. Use the Nodes as a spotlight to freeze-frame and be self-aware of what tension you are feeling and experiencing. Translate and RHS that tension to experience the joy of flow. If you don’t know how to Translate or RHS, contact The Prosperos. The North Node expands consciousness intentionally while the South Node expands consciousness accidentally. These Nodal spotlights are not in Moonwobble aspect all the time; use this energy wisely.

Like all other psychological influences, the best way to stay in control is knowing! People who know the least about these things are the most subject to the influences. People who know about them can act upon the situation, not react to it! Don’t just translate! Channel the unusual flow of energy into an unpredictable good!

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Prepared by Richard Burns, H.W., M