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January 2014 Moonwobble cycle - crib notes

Posted by William Fennie at Dec 22, 2013 05:45 PM |

Harbinger of . . . ?

January 2014 Moonwobble cycle - crib notes

New Moon, 1 January 2014, Washington DC

About six weeks ago Richard Burns sent me an article by Tem Tarriktar, publisher of The Mountain Astrologer. The article was very interesting, very much in-the-weeds, and a bit pessimistic by my lights, although the title set the right tone : "Riding the Rapids through the Heart of the Uranus-Pluto square."

I've seen some comments on social media that paint a very gloomy picture - the old "buy gold now !" sorts of things that predict a complete meltdown of civilization as we know it.

It's true that we are at the heart of this long transit with Pluto and Uranus dancing around 10 deg. of Capricorn and Aries, respectively. If this were the 60s it would be 1968. That year is known for the "Summer of Love" but let's remember the context : a long, hideous war with hundreds of casualties per week, American cities (and others) on fire, and unspeakable social turmoil. In China the frenzy of the Cultural Revolution was at full tilt. In Czechoslovakia the Russian tanks would soon be on their way.

The most reliable reference on this is Richard Tarnas, who very accurately outlined the fundamental characteristics of our current period in his 2007 book Cosmos and Psyche. Read it.

All of this is prelude to the astonishing New Moon chart for 1 January 2014. The only reason I looked it up was that a series of experiences got me to asking myself if the next Moonwobble cycle were already upon us, which indeed it is. (See Richard Burns' article - soon to come - for a detailed look.) I noted the peak dates in the ephemeris, 22-23-24 January, and figured the first agitations of the cycle were probably in play. As usual I looked up the New Moon that would set the tone for the period and found this stunning chart for 0615 ET on the first day of the year.

It would be easy to read all kinds of portents into the fact that the New Moon should take place on the first day of 2014 - but it would probably also be stupid. Suffice it to say that it's possible that this chart could describe the tone for the entire year. We'll see.

I've studied astrology for a long time and find it quite useful as long as we understand that we are exploring elements of our own consciousness - both our individual consciousness and the greater collective consciousness of our family, society, and world.

For the USA, the chart configuration has Sagittarius rising with the new moon in the first house, just before sunrise. It is conjunct Pluto and therefore deeply implicated in the Grand Cross formed by opposing Jupiter and the opposition of Mars and Uranus in the 10th and 4th houses. Mars is at the Midheaven point.

As Tarriktar writes : "In fact, Mars will be energizing the sign of Libra for eight months starting on December 7, 2013, including a retrograde period from early March to mid May 2014. Normally Mars spends only five or six weeks in a sign. While Mars is in Libra, it completes a grand cross pattern — four planets 90 degrees apart. This grand cross occurs two different times, with the most exact formation happening in April," and a formation with an 8-degree orb happening in January.

While the Mars energy will likely garner most of the attention, it's important to note the other players, particularly Uranus out of sight in the 4th house, bringing upheaval to the American sense of established residence while Pluto works over the collective identity. We have for so long thought of the whole world as our home, with military bases flung across the globe, and this period may put all of that into question which would throw the American sense of identity into the shredding machine.

Really, it gets too complicated to go over all these aspects. (Tarriktar's article runs for six pages, with charts.) Here's my take-away : Violent acts and violent words will be the hallmark of this Moonwobble cycle - they are what we will notice most. Significant changes will be happening under the surface, however, masked by the violence. The rights of disenfranchised peoples (think Syria and the other Arab Spring countries) are slowly, painfully, bloodily being won. In America the Sag ascendent emphasizes our proselytizing side, and the Sun-Moon-Pluto conjunction in the first house warns of significant danger to the head of state. Barack Obama's security team will be working overtime.

Thane always pointed out that times like this were tremendous opportunities for personal and cultural growth. When Tarriktar talks about riding the rapids he's very much on the point. As he notes, "There will be plenty of energy — and chances to make changes — available to us. How we use it is the question. Will we be reactive or creatively proactive ? Are we mature enough to work with and flow with what life will bring to us ?"

During this period, if you use your practice, whether that be Translation or some other spiritual discipline, you can experience an unprecedented opening up of insight and "higher states of consciousness."

Even better, remember that your own practice contributes to the evolution of consciousness of the entire planet.

Happy surfing.