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Pluto and Mars, Mars and Pluto

Posted by William Fennie at Dec 24, 2009 04:25 PM |
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Adding insult to injury (or something).

Pluto and Mars, Mars and Pluto

Kue'manu heiau, near Kahalu'u Bay, Kona. "Me ke aloha ku'u home o Kahalu'u" (Photo copyright Donald B. MacGowan, all rights reserved; used by permission)

Transiting Mars

I note this morning that transiting Mars is retrograde in Leo and has come close to a conjunction with my *natal* Pluto lately, in addition to the long transit of Pluto over my natal Mars in Capricorn that I've been writing about. (See the chart.) Other than noticing it, I don't know what to think about its significance. According to the ephemeris, Mars got to about 19 Leo and then went retrograde (on 21 December). It will stay within Leo, going direct on 11 March 2010, and will transit my natal Pluto (22 Leo) in late May. My inclination is to treat the period between now and May as a time for digging into karmic issues (i.e., the framework of early childhood) in order to release them.

Transiting Pluto

Pluto has moved past opposition to Jupiter and will reach exact opposition to Mercury on 8 January 2010.

Of course, these interesting points are academic. The aspects and their energies are happening all at the same time. I really don't know how to interpret them; all I can do is report the "ground truth" as I see it.

The most obvious feature is muddle-headedness to an extent that I've never had to deal with before. Here's how I summarized it to myself a few nights back : "Complete, undistracted, attention on an issue, any issue, for 10 seconds - followed by complete, undistracted attention on something completely different, for 10 seconds, followed by...", and so on. When attention is focused it is completely unwavering and filled with extraordinary power. Then it moves. What seems lacking most of the time is the will or motivation to extend that level of attention - to keep it from moving. The one or two times that I have done so have yielded notable experiences in which it seemed that I understood how a genuine sorcerer must experience things. It's not a state I aspire to, by the way.

For the most part, however, what it adds up to is an inability to maintain focus on any given subject for very long. As for planning, only the most tentative projections seem viable : I'm in a graduate program, and I'll stay in it - that takes care of the Spring. I have some other projects coming up that I'm going to need help with. I'll deal with that, albeit reluctantly; there's resistance to making a genuine effort, as if someone, somewhere were constantly asking me, "so what?". I am losing a sense of context.

Strategy ?

With all of this intensity, it occurred to me several days ago that the proper strategy for navigating this time might be *play*. Years ago I attended a lecture by a well-known Swami. He was impressive, which is to say that he was authentic, discussing real knowledge and not platitudes. Addressing a question from the audience he suggested that what we all had to do was learn to surf. This was appropriate advice, given that we were in a pavilion on the grounds of the Keauhou Beach Hotel in Kona, right next to the ocean. Some people couldn't tell if he meant go out and get a board and dive in, and he explained : Big waves are coming; learn to ride them; play with the energy, get to know it well, respect it, and learn to ride.

It was good advice then, in the mid-nineties, when Uranus and Neptune were wandering through Capricorn, and it's good advice now.

This YouTube video captures the spirit; I've been by that break many, many times, but never in the water.

The photo for this post comes from an excellent tour company focused on the authentic Hawaii.

See the original Pluto transit page.


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