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The Famous Frankenstorm

Posted by William Fennie at Oct 29, 2012 01:05 AM |

"If there's anything worse than being in a battle it's waiting for one to begin."

The Famous Frankenstorm

Genki-san wishes you a relaxing day

Yet another world-ending storm

The media outlets have been making hay with the possibilities for catastrophe of two storm systems meeting up over the northeastern United States in the next 24 hours. Said hay-making began at least two days ago. Someone told me it's important for these kinds of events to be maximized in order to increase the number of superlatives in the English language.

The quote is from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, Part 3, when Gondor's white city of Minas Tirith awaits the onslaught of thousands of nasty creatures from the dark hills of Mordor. Well, it looks like this storm is finally beginning and all we can hope is that it won't live up to expectations.

When I see these two storms closing in on each other I can't help thinking of the two political campaigns which have done so much to whip up people's emotions and fears. The numbers aren't in yet, but the total amount of dollars dedicated to political advertising for this Presidential election cycle is sure to exceed the annual budget of several small nations. We probably could have rescued the Euro Zone for less.

You don't have to be an ascended Master to fathom that so much energy dedicated to inculcating fear is going to have an impact. The desired impact is a "storm" of unconscious fear about the opposing candidate that results in people voting against him. But the campaign managers don't think about the inevitable effect of such constant whipping up of people's emotions.

The old maxim is that storms express the agitations of the human estate. So why should we be surprised one week from election day when we have two major storm systems coming together right over the political and financial center of the United States ? Sounds like a perfect outpicturing of the reality the campaigns have been striving to create all these months. Not the picture they want to project of course, but the reality of their relentless barrage of negativity and fear. Two storms whose potential impact will be to bring about enormous financial and personal losses, probably losses of life, as well. It will be interesting to tally the balance between the damage done by the storms and the actual dollar investment in the campaigning - wouldn't it be ironic if they are about the same ?

Take it inward

The atmosphere is so depressing (tropical depression, anyone ?) that I gave up listening months ago. Why should I listen when the candidates and their surrogates don't listen to each other ? At any rate, these last two days, unbidden, the words of Steve Winwood's 1986 hit "Higher Love" keep going through my mind.

"Think about it, there must be higher love
down in the heart or hidden in the stars above. . ."

You won't be hearing this from any political players. You'd expect the churches to draw our attention to the spiritual side of things, but in many cases you'd be disappointed. So many of them have forsaken their mission and bought into grinding political axes.

"Without it, life is wasted time
Look inside your heart I'll look inside mine."

Indeed, the whole exercise is meaningless without something greater than political and economic agendas.

The ontological perspective holds that wholeness and integrity cannot be violated and that the so-called powers of the material equation are illusion. That's a fair statement of the position, and it's fair to say that arriving at a genuine understanding and perception of it can take some time. Nonetheless, every one of the people being subjected to the onslaught of fear mongering - according to the ontological perspective - represents an individuation of divine consciousness, right now.

The process of looking into one's heart is the kind of activity that can undo the involuted passions (a hurricane is energy turned in on itself) inculcated by a dedicated campaign of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. For in the heart we don't just find our hidden contradictions; we find the supernal understanding that allows us to transcend them.

Check out the song. May it lift your heart in these dreadful times.

"Bring me a higher love . . . ."