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Our Story

Al_groupThane was Dean and Founder of The Prosperos, a school in the avant-garde of what is sometimes called "New Thought." In his more than 60 years of work, Thane has been associated with such minds as Gurdjieff, Lillian De Waters, Emmett Fox, Freud, Jung, and J. Krishnamurti. Author, worldwide lecturer, teacher, and friend to his students, Thane always strived to offer guidance for those seeking greater freedom.

He taught with Lillian De Waters and drew his absolute viewpoint from the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins, whose books and lessons he aided in having sought and reprinted in the 1930s.

Fennie_classIn ancient times, The Prosperos would have been called a "Mystery School" and the Master of the School a "Teacher-King." The popular phrase in our era is "School of the Fourth Way" and Thane was simply called "Teacher." The awesome lineage which is the heritage of The Prosperos® has always been transmitted through one key method — the oral tradition —or "Fire in the Mouth."

In 1936, at the International New Thought Alliance Convention in San Francisco, Ernest Holmes called Thane "The Teacher of Teachers."

The inception of The Prosperos occurred in the bar of the Harvard Club, Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was inspired by 13 talks, In the Name of Sanity, by Lewis Mumford, linked with Thane's The Astounding Revelation, written on the island of Patmos following his release from Nuremberg Prison many years earlier.

mcewen_rwThe first major thrust was the seminar "Translation®," followed by "Releasing the Hidden Spendour™." Through the years the curriculum expanded to include "Cosmic Intention Therapy," "Advance Seminar," "Self Encounter," "Comprehensive Workshop," "Life Class," "The Crown Mysteries," "Calibrating the Unconscious," "Supracargo," and "Eleventh Hour Dispatch."

The Prosperos has "Outposts" and instructors in various parts of the world and by definition, according to Mortimer J. Adler, is pagan in the same way that Christian Science, Religious Science, Divine Science, Rosicrucianism, Unity School of Christianity, Goldsmith's Infinite Way, et al., are pagan, when compared to the godhead of the Hebrew, Islamic and orthodox Christian religions. The Prosperos is not a new religion but is a new theology.

The Prosperos® believes, because consciousness unfolds forever at cyclic intervals, someone brings to light a higher meaning of philosophy, theology and, today, psychology. In this frame of reference, Thane taught The New Tongue.


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